Asset Acquisition Scheme

This scheme allows members to acquire household appliances and other assets at reasonable rates and with flexible payment structures.

  1. Only members who have contributed to the society for six (6) months consecutively shall qualify for this scheme.
  2. Members obtain proforma invoice from vendor of their choice, scan same and send an email to the secretariat for processing.
  3. Member must also submit application on the portal for the purchase.
  4. Assets to be purchased under this scheme shall exclude landed properties, buildings and automobiles. This scheme shall be primarily for household items.
  5. Members can only purchase items worth a maximum of 150% of members’ cumulative contribution.

Vacation Travel Support Scheme

The Vacation Travel Support Scheme (VTSS) provides members the opportunity to travel either alone or with their family under a flexible payment arrangement. A member travelling gets to pay for his trip over a maximum period of twelve (12) months. The scheme covers both local and international travel.

The scheme offers the following services amongst others:

  • Travel Tickets
  • Packaged Tours.
  • Hotel Reservations.
  • Visas (For designated countries)
  • Airport Services (Shuttle, Meet & Greet, Check-in Services etc.)

Following are guidelines to the scheme:

  1. Only members who have contributed to the society consecutively for six (6) months shall qualify for this scheme.
  2. Interested members shall provide their itinerary to the travel agent through the secretariat.
  3. Upon agreement of the booking rates by the applicant, he/she will be required submit application on the Cooperative portal.
  4. Members can only purchase service worth a maximum of 150% of members’ cumulative contribution.

Co-operative Device Credit Scheme


ESMCS in partnership with Technology Distributions Limited is pleased to announce the re-launch of our Device Credit Purchase scheme, which offers an assortment of mobile devices to members at affordable prices with no down payment required.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only members who have contributed to the co-opfor six (6) months consecutively shall be eligible for this scheme.
  • Items purchased cannot exceed a member’s cumulative contribution.
  • Repayment method is strictly via payroll over a maximum period of 6months.
  • A 33.3% debt service ratio policy will be considered for all purchases.
  • Co-operative interest of 5%flat will be charged.

How to apply:

  • Visit any of the Etisalat Experience Centre’s listed below to request for your preferred device (based on availability) and place order with the shop manager.
  • Log on to your profile via click application forms then click on device credit scheme.
  • Fill application form requesting for the same device selected at the Experience Centre.
  • If application is granted, Staff will be informed by the Co-operative.
  • Release notification will be sent by secretariat based on proper verification and approval.


  • Requests will be treated once weekly. This will be reviewed as the need arises.
  • Members must have confirmed availability of devices at Etisalat stores and applied on the Co-operative portal latest by noon every Thursday. Requests submitted afterwards will be treated following week.
  • Upon approval of member’s application on the Co-operative platform, such request cannot be cancelled. Therefore, members must follow through after online application is submitted. 
  • All orders will be fulfilled at the following 9Mobile Experience Centres.


ESMCS in partnership with Nestle Nigeria, Yelwa Gold Gate, Muhim International, Sharubutu Investments, Bala Mai Gishiri and Majeeda Fresh (vendors of consumable goods i.e. groceries, toiletries and livestock), is pleased to introduce the “ESMCS Grocery Store”.

Benefits includes:

  • Seamless and convenient purchase of consumable goods.
  • Cheaper items at ‘below market’ prices.
  • Wide selection of products.
  • Repayment commences the following month, after delivery (2% interest for 1 month, 4% interest for 2 months).
  • Free delivery of Nestle Products to designated pick-up points.
  • Members can select items from more than 1 vendor into their shopping baskets

Terms of Sales:

  • Only financial members for six (6) months consecutively will be eligible for this scheme.
  • Members cannot make more than One (1) application at a time.
  • Members can liquidate loan at any time.
  • Cut-off date for grocery orders is on the 5th day of every month. Any application submitted thereafter will be treated the following month.
  • Members will be responsible for the immediate pick up of their items, in line with the pick-up date communicated by the Secretariat.
  • Delivery charges will be incurred by members for all vendors except Nestle. Applicable charges will be communicated as when due.
  • To view the vendors’ pricelist and to place an order, kindly visit esmcscoop.comand click on ‘application forms-groceries application’.
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