Membership of the society shall be open to anyone who applies and is admitted to membership in accordance with the society’s byelaws.

How To Join

  • Interested members may visit the ESMCS website to complete their registration forms on-line.
  • Registration fee for EMTS and ESMCS Ltd Staff is N5, 000 & N2, 500 respectively.
  • Registration fee will be deducted from the member’s salary account along with the first month’s contribution.
  • All members are bound to make a minimum monthly contribution of N5, 000 which is taken strictly via payroll. Please ensure to indicate your preferred and convenient monthly contribution amount during registration.
  • Please note that your membership of the society only becomes effective in the month your membership fee and first contribution is received.
  • Following the completion of registration, you will be included in the members mailing group
  • You will not be able to login to the Members Area on the ESMCS website until your registration has been verified.

Benefits of Joining ESMCS

As a financial member of the cooperative society, you enjoy:

  • Flexible payments for purchases of consumer products
  • Quick and easy access to loans at reasonably low rates with no hidden charges
  • Low monthly installment payment on personal/family travel
  • Discounted rates for consumer commodities.
  • Discounted rates for mobile devices and accessories
  • Interest earning on savings and dividend earning on contribution.
  • Home ownership at affordable rates
  • Motor Vehicle acquisition at affordable rates
  • Dividends on co-operative investments